Base rate, regardless of body model
Maple, American walnut, mahogany, ovangkol, padouk
Soundboard in Sitka spruce, cedar, European spruce
Tuning machines: at 100€
Wood rosette
Bridge with or without pins
Matt varnish
Ergonomic model (CX) without additional charge
Weissenborn 1600€
Harp guitar, starting price 6000€
Wood species and finish
Indian rosewood + 100€
Asian rosewood (dalbergia bariensis) + 400€
Wavy makoré + 350€
Other species On quotation
Glossy varnish + 150€
Sunburst on soundboard + 80€
Sunburst on the back of the neck + 40€
5-folds neck + 80€
Armrest + 280€
Soundhole oval only + 60€
Soundhole with cover + 130€
Soundhole with sliding hatch + 280€
Florentine cutaway + 280€
Venician cutaway + 280€
Fanned frets + 120€
Openwork headstock + 180€
Amplification Starting at 150€
Nacre inlays On quotation

Brush Guitar System

BGS Solo (210 x 85 mm) 19,90€
BGS Duo (210 x 85 mm and 105 x 85 mm) 29,90€
Shipping costs for France 5,90€
Shipping costs for abroad 10€
Delivery time: between 8 and 15 days
To order, thank you for contacting me on: or on page ‘Contact me’
Payment by check or Paypal

Workshop services

Complete planning 80€
Full refrettage 180€
Full refrettage with fingerboard binding 200€
Partial refrettage 12€ per fret
Repairing a single headstock fracture, without varnish touch up 70€
Repairing a single headstock fracture, with varnish touch up 120€
Possibility of complex repairs with reinforcements On quotation
Bone nut making 30€
Bone saddle making 20€
Bridge pickup 40€
Making of a new bridge Starting at 90€
Bar pickup 20€
Soundboard replacement 680€
Varnish touch up (in case of shards) Starting at 30€
Action setting for a folk or classical guitar 30€
Action setting for an electric guitar 40€
Adding microphone Starting at 50€
Fingerboard replacement 280€
Re-adjustment of the back profile of a neck 150€
Re-adjustment of the back profile of a neck (with sunburst finish) 200€
For other works, consult me (see page ‘Contact me’)