Basic price, whatever the body model, expressed in euros and calculated net of taxes given that the company is not subject to VAT

“VAT not applicable, art. 293B of the CGI”.

Maple, American walnut, mahogany, ovangkol, padouk
Soundboard in Sitka spruce, cedar, European spruce
Tuning machines: at 100€
Wood rosette
Bridge with or without pins
Matt varnish
Ergonomic model (CX) without additional charge
Weissenborn 1600€
Harp guitar, starting price 6000€
Wood species and finish
Indian rosewood + 100€
Asian rosewood (dalbergia bariensis) + 400€
Wavy makoré + 350€
Other species On quotation
Glossy varnish + 150€
Sunburst on soundboard + 80€
Sunburst on the back of the neck + 40€
5-folds neck + 80€
Armrest + 280€
Soundhole oval only + 60€
Soundhole with cover + 130€
Soundhole with sliding hatch + 280€
Florentine cutaway + 280€
Venician cutaway + 280€
Fanned frets + 120€
Openwork headstock + 180€
Amplification Starting at 150€
Nacre inlays On quotation

Brush Guitar System

BGS Solo (210 x 85 mm) 19,90€
BGS Duo (210 x 85 mm and 105 x 85 mm) 29,90€
Shipping costs for France 5,90€
Shipping costs for abroad 10€
Delivery time: between 8 and 15 days
To order, thank you for contacting me on: or on page ‘Contact me’
Payment by check or Paypal

Workshop services

Complete planning 80€
Full refrettage 180€
Full refrettage with fingerboard binding 200€
Partial refrettage 12€ per fret
Repairing a single headstock fracture, without varnish touch up 70€
Repairing a single headstock fracture, with varnish touch up 120€
Possibility of complex repairs with reinforcements On quotation
Bone nut making 30€
Bone saddle making 20€
Bridge pickup 40€
Making of a new bridge Starting at 90€
Bar pickup 20€
Soundboard replacement 680€
Varnish touch up (in case of shards) Starting at 30€
Action setting for a folk or classical guitar 30€
Action setting for an electric guitar 40€
Adding microphone Starting at 50€
Fingerboard replacement 280€
Re-adjustment of the back profile of a neck 150€
Re-adjustment of the back profile of a neck (with sunburst finish) 200€
For other works, consult me (see page ‘Contact me’)